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It’s me Krushal Kalkani!

A blogger in the world of blogging If you are interested in technology, then you are in the right place. I am from Gujarat After completing the Study of the higher secondary in Rajkot, Gujarat, I am now doing my college (2 Year) in Ahmedabad. When I was in the 8th class, my parents gave me my phone. But if I tell you one thing, you will not be trusted on me. A phone I did not take to play games and I do not play any games right now. At that time youtube and the internet were not so much spread. At that time, I used to watch videos on YouTube. As technology was advancing, the Internet was also moving very fast.

I watched videos of Himeesh Madaan and Dr. Vivek Bindra on YouTube. In a way, he also says to do Motivate and also asked to do something big in his life. Some used to talk about Entrepreneurs when I watched his videos. Then I went to Google and checked what entrepreneur means. This is how I found blogging while searching. And in 11 STD, I created a website on Blogger in which I used to write articles related to technology, at that time I did not take blogging serially and I did not buy any hosting and domain name. At that time I had two types of presser on one side, on one side was in science bord, and on the other side, my 12th board exam was coming close. Because of this, I could not concentrate on both sides. On the other hand, I was also doing gymnastics, due to which I was not getting any focus. At the time when there was demotivate, I used to watch Motivational videos on Youtube.

At that time, I thought that I would just complete the study now and then I would start blogging again.Here you will get information about Tech News, How to, and Blogging.

Who I am?

A person who loves technology a lot, a person who is interested in technology, a person who loves to learn and learn new things, a person who is always self-motivated, a person who has big dreams.

Stubborn since childhood!

How did I start?

Friends, we go back in 2018. I was watching videos on YouTube about how to earn money online. So then I got acquainted with the word blogging and then I saw more videos about blogging on YouTube.

Later, I also did a lot of research on Google and gathered complete information about blogging.

However my science stream was going on at that time, so I did not start when I got free time, then I would have learned more about blogging.

And as soon as I completed my schooling, I launched my own website www.atechlearn.com in 2020(January).

My Life

Apart from blogging friends, I also do gymnastics in my life which I am very interested in and I also have a dream.

A man on a mission to fly with word – Let dreams come true

Krushal Kalkani
Krushal Kalkani

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