Canva Tutorial How to create feature images for your blog in Canva

You have written 2000 words of content in your blog and if you do not use the feature image or any other image in your blog, then your blog is an incomplete blog. With that, you will also face problems in Google ranking.

Why feature image important?

The WordPress feature image, also known as a thumbnail, is an important part of your WordPress blog. To display photos on the home page and archive, you must install a featured image in your blog.

I will explain to you through Canva tutorial about how you can create a great feature image using Canva Photo Editing.

What is canva?

Canva is a Collaborate & Create Amazing Graphic Design for Free Tool. With its help, you can create a lot of photos like your blog’s photo, Facebook, and Twitter cover and logo for your company on a single platform.

canva is available for you in two versions, you can also use it for free. And there is a paid version of this too, for free you get many templates and in the paid tool you will find pro templates.

canva pro uses graphics designer and Youtuber for its thumbnails. But now the free version will be fine for you, with the help of this you will be able to create amazing photos.

Why use canva?

If you do not know anything about graphics design and photo editing, then it is very important to know about Canva. Through this, you can easily and easily create photos for your work.

To understand software like Photoshop, you will have to face a lot of time and trouble, but by using it you will be able to do a great photo edit easily. I make all my photos on Canva only.

I will teach you how to create a featured image in 3 easy steps, through which your WordPress page will look stylish.


First of all, go to and create your account through Google or Facebook.

Login or Create new account here in canva
Login or Create new account using google/facebook

Now you will be logged into your account and a dashboard will be opened in front of you.

Create a new design in canva
Click on the create a new design

On the dashboard, you will see an option on the top left side of Create a design. And towards the bottom of the dashboard, you will get many recommendations such as if you have to create an Instagram story and you will be showing a lot of social media templates, through which you can easily create posts for your social media account.

Apart from this, you will find many free templates like posters for events, photo editing templates for marketing, and Infographics Presentations Brochure.

I believe that you must have understood well now. So let’s go ahead now.

Choose custom dimension in canva
Choose your custom dimensions here i go with (1200*628) this dimension

Just as shown in the photo above, now you click on create a design, here you will create a featured image by custom dimensions (1200 * 627). Can make.


Choose Templates

On clicking Create Design, you will have a new tab open in front of you. And in this you will have a lot of templets on the left side, here you can see by scrolling down. And in this, you have also been given the option of filter. In this, you can check by choosing the color according to you and you will get the kind of templates you want.

Here on the left, you have given photos elements and many more tools, you can also edit the image using it. But some image and element pro as you scroll down. The version will mean that you have to pay for it. But I will use a lot of free tools here.

If you want choose different templates here you can see i go with secret garden twitter post

Here I will edit photo with Secret Garden Twitter Post. As you can see in the photo above.


Editing Design

Now your real work here is cypress. Don’t worry I will tell you everything.

For which topic are you creating a featured image. Choose it and I will make it here for the blog. I will replace the background photo here.

Edit Disign in canva
Edit your design

By going to the option of Photos in the sidebar on the left, you will type the blog in the search bar above, showing you in the photo above that I have replaced the photo.

To replace the photo here, keep in mind that the photo you want to replace and drag the photo and leave it, the photo will be automatically replaced.

Try it two or three times and try to replace the photo by going to other photos and templates so that you can understand yourself in the best way.

You can see in the photo above that by clicking on the text, you will get many options on the top side. You can customize your text by using it, such as size, bold, underline, and color-changing options. Here I will write the only blog.

And here you can resize and customize your photo well.

Customize Image in canva
Image is ready!

Now looks good for our feature image.

If you want to use your photo. So you get the option of upload below in the left sidebar. You can upload your photo and file there.


Download Image

On the dashboard, you get the download option on the top right. You can download this photo in PNG format.

Download Photo in canva
Now the photo is ready to download

Now everything is complete, now I am fully ready to put this photo in my feature image.

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